Practice Areas

Newhope Law, PC is a boutique intellectual property law firm providing legal representaion regarding patents (protecting inventions), trademarks (protecting company names and logos), trade dress and copyrights (protecting artistic expression).  The firm also files reexamination requests to challenge patent validity as well as represent both plaintiffs and defendants in US District Court litigation.  We provide legal assistance with patents (protecting inventions), trademarks (protecting company names and logos) and copyrights (protecting artistic expression).  Afterwards, we can provide counseling for licensing, infringement and other matters.

Summary of Practice Areas 

: Registrations protect inventions and innovations. Patent owners may preclude others from making, using or selling an invention.  Patent related work includes:  
  1. Utility and Design patent applications.  
  2. Patent infringement opinions.
  3. Patentibility opinions.
  4. Patent searching for state of the art reports.
  5. File reexamination requests to invalidate patent claims. 
  6. Send or respond to cease and desist letters.
  7. Handle Federal Court cases regarding Patent Infringement Litigation.
  8. File or defend complaints at the US International Trade Commission or US Customs.
  9. Consult on overall patent strategy and review IP portfolio.
  10. Prepare and record assignment and licensing agreements for patents. 

Trademarks: Registrations of logos, company names, unique packaging designs preserve brand identity and customer expectations. Trademark Applications: Trademarks (either a wordmark or a picturemark) should be registered at the US Patent and Trademark Office to protect the use of the name. Without registration, a plaintiff has only common law rights.
Federal Court trademark infringement litigation, unfair competition under Lanham Act 43(a), and trade dress related claims.Record trademarks at US Customs and enforce trademark registrations.Draft and record trademark license and assignment contracts.

Domain Name Arbitration: Instead of filing a lawsuit in Federal District Court, a complainant can challenge ownership of a domain name in arbitration.

Copyright: Registration & licensing agreements.The best time to register a Copyright is right away.  Eligibility for attorneys' fees and statutory damages is a deterrent to infringement.  Artwork may include music, product packaging, and artwork.
Corporate Law: Sometimes IP matters require corporate document filing, drafting and consultation. For example: 
  1. Incorporation as C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC: Incorporation services include drafting: articles of incorporation, bylaws, shareholders agreements.
  2. Corporate name change, Update bylaws and minutes, shareholder and officer meetings.
  3. Intellectual property licensing agreements, contract drafting and review. 
Litigation: Sometimes IP matters go to court, and sometimes these cases go to trial.  Typical rates are $300/hr with an initial minimum retainer of $25,000.